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Movement that Improves

What is Flex 'n' Flow:

A unique approach which may reduce pain and improves overall bodily movement. Learning through movement is the core method. Movement is the most accessible thing to most people and essential to our existence and health.


How it works:

Scientific discoveries have demonstrated that the brain and the nervous system are the command and control center for the entire body.  Movement lessons works to revitalize and improve the body by enhancing the communication between the brain and the rest of the body.  the movement lessons an exercise system designed to improve the body by stimulating the brains natural processes for control of our body through sensory motor learning. Using this powerful connection between the brain and the body, movement lessons may bring about extraordinary physical changes and improvements.

The Process:

To take advantage of your bodies extraordinary ability to improve itself through sensory motor learning, we must give our brains the opportunity to detect and reduce the unnecessary counterproductive muscular effort in your body. Gentle flowing movements with the lest possible effort. Movement lessons apply the powerful neurological rule: Less muscular effort produces more sensory motor learning and physical improvement, as research shows that when we exert a lot of muscular effort, it is impossible for our brain to make the sensory distinctions needed to improve our neuromuscular organization.

Relief from aches and pains

Relieves muscular tension

Increases flexibility

Flex 'n' Flow is based on the teachings of Somatic movement

To book a class (all 1 hour)

Phone/Text: 021 223 7736