Naturopath Consult                               60min      $95.00
Follow up consult                                        30min      $50.00
Children's Naturopath Consult           60min      $50.00
Follow up consult                                        30min      $30.00
Nutrition Consult                                    60min      $95.00
Follow up consult                                        30min      $50.00

QRA Testing (Kinesiology)                     60min      $95.00

Iridology Consult                                     60min      $95.00
Follow up consult                                        30min      $50.00


Life Coaching                                            60min      $95.00


I recently had a nutrition and health consultation with Maxine. She gave me lots of very helpful suggestions, she tweaked my diet and my supplements. I went to see her mainly to get help with some gut issues. Maxine sorted them for me, but she also helped with body aches I was having. I did not realise how much my body aches were linked to my gut issues. I found Maxine to be really easy to chat to, very knowledgeable and helpful. I would certainly recommend Maxine, she will help transform your health and well being.

                                              - Rose W

I want to share how much the Flex 'n' Flow lessons have helped to keep my lower back flexible and pain free. I have some discs which are compressed due to a serious car accident many years ago. Recently during a scan to check on my Osteoporosis, the comment was made that I must suffer with a lot of lower back pain and stiffness. I was really happy to be able to say that I seldom have any problems and I attribute that to attending Maxine’s classes twice a week. 

                                              - Jackie

Flex 'n' Flow

The changes I have experienced since doing the Flex 'n' Flow class regularly is an ability to get up and go without discomfort, even after a long car ride. I am able to stand up from sitting on the floor with ease. I also notice an increased flexibility while squatting to weed my garden. Also when I relax at the end of a days work I really relax. The class has been a life changer for me. 

                                              - Viv D

We were so relieved to have the help of Maxine for our daughter, then aged 7 (now 9) who suffered from asthma. She and I were awake many nights as she struggled to breathe, coughed and I administered various inhalers in the hope of giving her some relief.


Maxine identified that Clare was intolerant of dairy products after reviewing her food diary, talking with Clare and looking at her eyes. What a relief to now be free of asthma with no symptoms whatsoever for over 18 months.


Our family recommend Maxine without hesitation. She was patient and kind to Clare and assisted us without judgment or condescension and we are so grateful for her expertise.

                                              - Kate M

At the beginning of the year I was a mess.  I was worried about my mobility, blood pressure and feelings of hopelessness. I believed taking more medications was not in my best interests due to the side effects I was experiencing.  Thanks to Maxine’s healing hands and listening ears I glow with health.  In ten months I have reduced my pain level, blood pressure, weight and sleeplessness.  I can’t believe how great I am feeling.  The natural path was the way for me.  Massage, Homeopathic Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Home Botanicals and changes to my life style are the way forward to more improvements in my health.  I can’t thank Maxine enough for helping me restore my sense of humour and joy of living.  If you want to make positive changes in your health picture I urge you to take the next step and see Maxine.  I wish I had known about them earlier.

- Leanne, Tokoroa